Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mini, mini, mini, mini wheats! The Kellogs Mini Wheats Truck @ TheEx #kellogsminiwheats

What a surprise to find a Kellogs Mini Wheats truck at the Ex today. 

Those who waited in line were asked to create a cereal bowl with a mix of Mini Wheats flavours. 

My original mix idea was to combine raspberry and cocoa Mini Wheats but they were already out of those flavours. Bummer. 

Instead, I went with Original Frosted, Strawberry and Mixed Berry with milk. Almond milk was also offered as an alternative. 

Everybody also received a free $1.00 off coupon on their next purchase of Mini Wheats. 

Some of the more determined people, including myself, also tweeted their mix on Twitter with #kellogsminiwheats for a free box of Mini Wheats coupon. Fantastic!

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