Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Prairie Girl Bakery Cupcakes

Prairie Girl Bakery Yorkville
150 Bloor Street West
Unit 14A
Toronto, ON 

Date Visited: August 23, 2013

My fellow foodies turned a Friday into cupcake day.  We ordered 2 dozen regular mini cupcakes from Prairie Girl to go (1 dozen for $20.95).

We got an assortment of golden buttermilk and dark cocoa cupcakes - from Lemon Icing to Strawberry Icing. 

The cake portion of a cupcake was light, fluffy and moist. I was impressed with how delicious it was - not too sweet. I despise cupcakes that are too dense. Well done Prairie Girl!  

I found the icing portion to be a tad too sweet though. 

I love how Prairie Girl features two unique cupcakes every week. One of the featured ones this week was a play on Black Forest cake. It was pretty true to form - chocolate cake, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Didn't know if the missing maraschino cherry was an oversight or if it was because we got minis. 

Prairie Girl cupcakes can be ordered on-line in advance at www.prairiegirlbakery.com/menu
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