Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recreating the Magic of A Michidean's Jamaican Patty at Home

I stopped by Albert's Real Jamaican Food (542 St. Clair W @ Vaughan)  this month and picked up a box of frozen cooked Michidean Jamaican patties.  I've always considered the Michidean brand to be a premium Jamaican patty, right up there with Randy's. 

I wanted to recreate the magic at home - a tall task considering all the variables in play. 

I followed the oven instructions to the tee - 350 degrees in the oven for 5 minutes... But the patty was still super COLD... and FROZEN, especially on the bottom. Drats -so much for quick and easy. 

I also tried the microwave technique - 40 seconds. We all know what happened there - soggy and chewy. 

Why do these instructions lie to you???

The best attribute of a Michidean's patty - the crust: so flaky and buttery!  Something I wasn't nearly achieving at home. The method that most closely aligned with my expectations: microwave for a minute and then toast it. 

Shown in the picture, I've actually added mozzarella cheese inside - The Custom... I know, not very Jamaican!

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