Sunday, September 29, 2013

Real Sports Bar & Grill

Real Sports Bar & Grill
15 York Street
Toronto, ON M5J 0A3

Date Visited: September 24, 2013

I was at Real Sports Bar & Grill last Tuesday for a preseason Sens @ Leafs game. I was surprised how packed this place was at 5:30pm!  It's the love of the Leafs!  Good thing we made reservations. 

This place is the ultimate sports bar for real - how can you go wrong with a 2-storey high television and a massive sports ticker propped above the bar?  

Service was slow given the crowd, but the servers gave periodic updates to let you know you weren't forgotten about. 

When you see a menu state, "We believe that a great sports bar is synonymous with great wings," how are you not compelled to order wings?  Further, you are reminded that Real Sport's own Chef Tony was voted the Wing King of Toronto for the Best Chicken Wings. 

With so much hype, I ordered the Thai Sweet Chili wings - the receipe that got Chef Tony the job, literally!

Impressions?  Large wings with a great crispy batter and a tangy sweet chili sauce. The kicker? They are so moist and juicy on the inside!  These are definitely some of the best wings in Toronto!  

The only thing is that the wings only come with celery and carrots. I ordered a side of fries to accompany my meal. The fries were soft and fleshy - very reminiscent of Swiss Chalet fries. 

I left happy with time to spare for the pick drop at 7pm.  A solid dinner right before the Leafs game!
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