Sunday, September 29, 2013

Satisfying a Shrimp Wonton Fix!

Jim Chai Kee Noodle
270 W Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3Z1

Visited: September 16, 2013

I was craving shrimp wonton soup and so I stumbled upon this joint after doing a quick Yelp search for the best wontons in Richmond Hill. 

The place is pretty no frills such as with many Chinese establishments. Basic tables and chairs and no decor. But who goes to Chinese places for the ambiance anyways?

The basic wonton noodle soup ($4.50) comes with one topping (choice of shrimp wontons, fish balls, or beef). Although I was craving just shrimp wontons, the temptation of variety took over, and I added a second topping (fish balls) for an additional 50 cents. 

In my bowl came two shrimp wontons and three fish balls. Had I ordered one topping, I would have had four shrimp wontons, regret immediately set in. The feeling of regret was more immense after I tasted the fish balls. They were large, seasoned well and looked like they were made from scratch but they were way too fishy for my liking!  I thought non-fresh fish scraps. I shuddered. Aargh, gross. Fortunately, the shrimp wontons were tasty especially with a splash of red vinegar. The wonton noodles were pretty standard along with the MSG soup. 

It's self serve tea here but can you complain with bowls starting at $4.50?  I will be back the next time I have a shrimp wonton fix. 

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