Monday, September 2, 2013

The Burger's Priest: Vatican City Style!

The Burger's Priest
3397 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4N 2M7

Yesterday I had a monster burger craving after watching Burger Wars Toronto on TV. The three competitors were The Burger's Priest, Dangerous Dan's and Parts and Labour. 

Although Parts and Labour won it, I decided to scratch my burger itch at The Burger's Priest on Yonge. 

The line wasn't as long as I expected for a Labour Day Monday - but it was out the door for a noon hour lunch. 

I glanced at the wall and realized the secret menu wasn't so secret anymore.  Having ordered The Pope (the standard Priest burger but with two beef patties instead of one) in the past, I decided to be more adventurous and order the heart-stopping Vatican City. 

The Vatican City consists of two four-ounce beef patties (freshly ground), processed cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, and onions - all between two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns.  

Yes, it is greasy but this fact can be overlooked by it's deliciousness. 

The beef patties have the right consistency - lightly pressed so that they don't fall apart too easily but aren't too dense. Made of a custom blend of premium beef, they exude great beef flavour.  They also aren't overly salted for a burger as decadent as this. 

The fixings are nothing fancy, but they activate those hard wired impulses that tell us what a burger should be like. 

Complaints:  The burger wasn't as high as I'd envisioned it to be - certainly not how it looked in its stock photo on the secret menu. It was disappointing. It could have been attributed to the very flat grilled cheese buns - they were more like pancakes and they weren't as large in diameter as I was hoping for.  I'm not sure if they add anything to the overall experience. I would also rather have a premium cheddar in the grilled cheese buns than processed - I would pay for the difference. 

The burger is also missing a crunch factor. I regretted not getting The Tower of Babel which is The Vatican City but with an Option added. 

The Option
The Option consists of two Portabello mushrooms and cheese deep fried in a Panko batter. I feel like this is the signature "option" that separates The Burger's Priest from other burger joints. Every crunchy bite into the Option results in amazing mushroom flavour along with ooey, gooey cheese.  In fact, it should be added to all burgers to get the true Burger's Priest experience!

Overall:  The Burger's Priest still features some of the best burgers in Toronto.  The Urban Foodie will have to visit Parts and Labour next to see how they stack up. 

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