Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breakfast at Subway? The return of (*jingle*) $5, $5 footlongs!

Subway, Park Hyatt
170 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 1T9

Drudging another breakfast at Tim's, I decided to check out the Subway location at the Park Hyatt.  It was early, before 8 a.m. on a Sunday, so I was expecting the store to be closed.  But it turns out that this Subway is a 24 hour location - the first I've heard!

Breakfast here is also my first.  I ordered an Egg & Cheese footlong which is a new entrant in the reincarnated $5 footlong promotion.  As you may know, $5 footlongs are back while the $6 Sub of the Day promotion has been eliminated.  From a marketing perspective, $5 footlongs must have been much more of a success.. I mean, more inexpensive and a better jingle? It's a no brainer.

I am still not happy with Subway though.  The shuffling of promotions created a casualty a of war - the meatball sub!  While most of the original subs on the $5 lineup return (Cold Cut Combo, Egg Salad, Ham, Pizza with Cheese, Veggie Delite) the meatball sub does not!  In my opinion, it was the best sub in taste and value at the time...hats off to you meatball sub.  Instead, a footlong meatball sub is now at $5.75 in Canada.  Is it too late to boycott?

I had the Egg & Cheese footlong on an Italian Herb and Cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and ranch sauce.  The sub tasted very much like a Western sandwich you would get at Harvey's except on different bread.  It was great to have egg on both sides of the bread.  They basically took a round egg omelette and cut in half for each 6 inch length of sub.  The egg was less artificial tasting than I expected - much less than you would get at McDonald's but more than at Harvey's (where eggs are cooked at the time of order).  The egg could have benefited from some salt and pepper though which I forgot to add.  I got my sub toasted so that the cheese would deliciously melt over the eggs.  I would get the sub again for breakfast but instead on flat bread for a better crunch.

The music in the store was too loud - perhaps it's to ensure that the sandwich artist stays awake for the night shift?  Fortunately, my sandwich artist was very friendly especially for such an early morning.  She also did a good job upselling me a coffee after seeing how tired I was.  My Seattle's Best coffee was more watered down than it should have been though. 

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