Sunday, January 19, 2014

The New Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich at Tim Horton's

This 330 calorie turkey sausage sandwich is the newest addition to the breakfast lineup at Tim's.  It seems like the only breakfast item to be under 350 calories according to signs in-store so it must be a marketing ploy for the health conscious customer.  I wouldn't be surprised as turkey has always been considered leaner meat than chicken. 

However, I'm not sure how much real turkey meat is in this sandwich. The meat looks spongy and highly processed.  Think mechanically separated meat or pink slime. Y'know, the stuff that McDonald's always denies it uses (especially now that Chicken McNuggets are now made with white meat)?

The meat is bland and it is overseasoned with pepper to compensate. It's pretty disgusting. At least the egg tastes decently like egg unlike the more artificial stuff you get at McDonald's. 

All sandwich combos now come with a larger coffee (medium) and a larger hash brown. This new hash brown no longer has a herbal taste which is a plus but on numerous occasions, it has been served stale even during peak breakfast hours.  Think incredibly hard, inedible crust. 

See the hash brown pictures below:

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  1. If the turkey is really beef I might sue tim hortons