Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bite Me Bakery

Bite Me Bakery
1034 St. Clair West
Toronto, ON M6E 1A4

Checked out Bite Me Bakery the day after Valentine's.  V-Day inspired flavours such as red velvet and strawberry were still on the menu though.  Some cupcakes even had Sweethearts (y'know those candied  hearts with cheesy messages such as "Be Mine" or "XOXO"?) placed on top of them and I thought this was a nice touch.  Although the thought that these were day old cupcakes crossed my mind. 

Although bite sized, the bakery claims that these cupcakes are exploding with flavour.   

But they are nothing more than a variation of common supermarket cupcakes - sloppily piped and super sugary icing as well as dry cake. They taste like they were made with cheap ingredients and perhaps not enough butter. I would not return despite the friendly service (and the complimentary Hershey's kisses). 

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