Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thai Noodle Night

Thai Noodle Guay Tiew Thai
62 Vaughan Road
Toronto, ON 

Date Visited:  February 21, 2014

Once called Taste of Thai House, the space at 62 Vaughan Road at the intersection of Vaughan Road and St. Clair Avenue West, is now Thai Noodle.  From the Yelp reviews, the renovations occurred early in November of 2013 when it was still Taste of Thai House.  So some questions arise... Is the new Thai Noodle owned by the same owners of Thai House?  Is this Thai Noodle Guay Tiew Thai related to the one of the same name that closed recently on Baldwin in Kensington Market?

Whatever the case may be, the Urban Foodie decided to check out the new Thai Noodle.

One of the dishes that were ordered was the Home Style Pad Thai ($11.99).  It is on the sweet side but not as sweet as the Pad Thai offered at the often lauded Sukho Thai.  It comes with the standard Pad Thai ingredients such as chicken, peanuts, been sprouts, tofu and green onions.  On top were two jumbo shrimp.  Tiny dried shrimp, not a usual ingredient, were a welcome addition scattered throughout.  The salty dried shrimp cut through the sweetness.

The Pad Thai was small in quantity
Beef Khao Soi ($11.99) was also ordered.  Northern Thai Khao Soi is a dish that contains fried and boiled egg noodles in a curry-like sauce containing coconut milk.  This particular preparation also had red onions and pickled mustard greens.  Artistically speaking, the fried noodles could have been stacked higher.  The friend noodles were also way too salty.  The curry was rich however and infused the tender beef pieces with flavour.  Some of the beef pieces had a gelatinous, cartilage layer which just made the beef even better (if you like that kind of thing).

It was surprising that the Chicken Panaeng Curry ($10.99) did not come with any rice.  But it was definitely the best dish of the night.  The curry was rich and thick.  It was aromatic with excellent flavour.     

The Jasmine rice ($1.99) that was ordered was creatively served in a star shaped format.  

While there were hits and misses, a trip to Thai Noodle can be warranted for a casual night out.

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