Friday, April 4, 2014

AYCE Wings Final Rounds 7, 8, 9, 10 @ St. Louis

Final Rounds 7, 8, 9 & 10 - Mississippi Honey & Honey Garlic Again!

I was starting to hit the wall at round 7 partially because the wait time between orders was increasing.  I wasn't sure if this was intentional or because they were busy...

But, I was tired of getting only 4 wings per order so I kindly asked for my last 3 rounds all at once and our server obliged.  I was a bit surprised she would let me do it but, to be honest, she was very accommodating to all our requests the entire night despite all the AYCE chaos around us.  She was pleasant to deal with and she was prompt with reorders and water requests. On top of that, she didn't rush us even though we were affecting her turnaround time... I mean we were there for a total of 4 hours!  She deserved a round of applause! 

Although my insane initial goal to attempt to eat all the flavours they offered, I decided to get Honey Garlic for the last 3 orders. Some of the flavours such as the Caribbean Jerk or Mississipi Honey were just not as satisfying. 

I mean, the main thing is to enjoy the experience right? :)

On that note, here are some numbers of this legendary night:

By the Numbers
Length of Stay:  4 hours (6:30pm-10:30pm)

Total wings consumed by the Urban Foodie: 46

Breakdown of Rounds (# of wings):
Round 1 - 11 (with fries and St. Louis' signature dip)
Round 2 - 4 (with fries)
Round 3 - 4
Round 4 - 3 (one wing given away)
Round 5 - 4 (with fries)
Round 6 - 4
Round 7 - 4
Round 8 - 4 (with fries but uneaten)
Round 9 - 4  (with fries but uneaten)
Round 10 - 4  (with fries but uneaten)

Diet Pepsi (yes I see the irony) - 2 glasses
Water - 2 glasses

Post wing thirst evening of: 100%

Post wing thirst morning after: 100%

Change in weight / mass (pounds): +4

Eating like your young even though you are past your prime: Priceless :)

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