Monday, April 21, 2014

Fresco's Poutineville slated to open in Toronto's Annex this June/July!

UPDATE:  Click here to see the official grand opening date!

This Easter Monday the Urban Foodie was fortunate enough to speak to Michael Fresco of Fresco's Fish & Chips fame regarding the much anticipated opening of Poutineville, a brainchild of his brother Camillo Fresco.

Cod Fish & Chips and Poutine at Fresco's

You may recall that the Urban Foodie was pleasantly surprised to taste such a quality poutine at a fish and chips joint.  Well, it seems like great poutine runs in the Fresco genes.  Camillo Fresco will be opening Poutineville in Toronto's Annex at Bloor and Brunswick with a time frame as early as June.  Already with three locations in Montreal, it seems like this opening is going to rock the poutine scene in Toronto!

The concept?  A high-end sit down establishment where you can either choose from a list of specialty poutines such a the filet mignon (filet mignon cubes, mushrooms, onions, blue cheese, cheese curds and pepper sauce) or create your own custom poutine from over a dozen ingredients.  You can select everything from the type of potato for the fries to cut up pieces of pogo as a garnish!

Michael Fresco also mentioned that Poutineville will be bringing their famous "Heart Attack Challenge" to their Toronto location.  Fifteen pounds of poutine await a pair of patrons who are foolish enough to partake in the challenge.  

The Heart Attack Challenge Poutine!
The Urban Foodie will be anxiously waiting its grand opening...

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