Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

Hey Everyone!! My name is Pineapple Princess! *Why Pineapple Princess?* I dunno, I don't particularly love pineapples but the name just came to me years ago and it just stuck. So I guess I’m here to tell you about all the fabulous places to eat in Calgary. So let's get started with one of my favourites: Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant.

This hidden gem is located on 17 Avenue and 61 Street SE.  Though the trek may be long from any given place – it’s kinda on the edge of the city -- it is totally worth it!!! Amongst all their delicious goodies you'll find their most popular dish: Bun Bo Hue, a famous vermicelli soup dish from central Vietnam.  The taste is very different from the regular pho that you find at Vietnamese restaurants, it's a little bit sour, a little bit salty and a little bit spicy. The level of spiciness varies sometimes, I've gone on occasions where the soup is very spicy and some days it's not spicy at all. My kind of soup! Note, if you are not a fan of coagulated pork blood, simply tell your waitress "no pork blood".  I myself love the stuff :)

Bun Bo Hue (#1)

My regular order consists of the aforementioned Bun Bo Hue, Raw Beef Salad, and Spring Rolls. You might be turned off from the idea of eating raw beef but trust me it's a must!!! The dish consists of raw beef topped off with peanuts, thai basil, chilli peppers, fried shallots, fresh onions and lime juice with just a bit of fish sauce. The spring rolls are also something to try because they use rice paper which makes them extra crispy!

Raw Beef Salad (#60)

I try to hit this place at least once at month, it's usually packed on the weekends so expect a little bit of a wait or try to go before 11 am to avoid the "just rolled out of bed and I'm really hung over" crowd.

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