Monday, May 12, 2014

Dim Sum @ Casa Imperial

Did you know that the Pineapple Princess is originally from Toronto? *boom* mind. blown. Yes, I am a Toronto ex-pat! I grew up there and indulged myself in many of the delicious eateries but didn't really appreciate them until I left Toronto. Now every time I come back for a visit I try to eat at as many places as I can hitting both my old favourites and trying out new places. On my last visit, I took a trip down memory lane to Casa Imperial. I discovered this place last summer and I keep going back for more. This trip was a family affair with my mom and brothers so we splurged a bit.


I remember driving by the building many times over the years but I didn't realize it was a restaurant until a friend took me there. I've noticed a couple of the dim sum restaurants have become more "high end" and British influenced, it's like having high tea with a side of pork dumplings!! Casa Imperial is one of these places and Crown Prince/Princess are a couple others -- also pretty good dim sum. The common decor in all these restaurants is extravagant chandeliers, marble wall coverings, finer dishes and flatware and the waiters are dressed in old school server uniforms. Ruffles and all!

But let's get down to the food, with all the showiness how does the food stack up??? On today's menu.....

Siu Mai
Har Gow

Egg Tarts
Abalone & Chicken Tarts

Chinese Donut wrapped with Rice Crepe
Rice Crepe with Shrimp and Scallions

BBQ Pork Bun
Deep Fried Taro Dumpling with Meat Filling

Xiao Long Bao aka Soup Dumplings
Beef Tripe with XO Sauce

The food was pretty good with the exception of the beef tripe. I usually LOVE tripe but I just wasn't feeling this dish. Maybe it was the XO flavour but the tripe was also way to chewy. One of my favourite dishes that is unique to this restaurant is the Abalone and Chicken Pie, these little tarts are sweet on the outside with a salty meat filling. This is actually the one dish that keeps me coming back!!

Shark Fin Soup Dumpling

Roasted Squab
Today we decided to splurge a little bit on our lunch and try out the roasted squab -- their "most well known dish" is what the server told us -- and shark fin soup dumpling -- one of my favourite dim sum dishes. The squab was tasty and moist and the soup was amazing!!! The dumpling was filled with shrimp, mushroom, scallop, shark fin and other goodies and there was even a big piece of shark fin in the soup. Add a little red vinegar and bam! -- soooooooooo delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not all restaurants have this dish so when I see it I always order it.

What a lovely lunch with the family -- until next time Toronto!!! xoxo

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