Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Red Bench Rivals the Best!

On Monday, I was craving an ice cream sammy. Unfortunately, my "go to" places such as Bakerbots and Bang Bang were closed. Luckily, Red Bench was there to save the day!

At Red Bench, similar to Bakerbots and Bang Bang, you are empowered to create a custom ice cream sammy with cookies as your buns!

An additional option at Red Bench is that you can also select a "mix in" which is a topping such as butterscotch chips or sprinkles that is added to the circumference of your ice cream sandwich. What an awesome idea! 

The cookies I picked for my sammy were the Cookies 'N Cream (original cookie with Oreo chunks) and the Salt Flake City (triple chocolate cookie with Fleur de Sel).  The ice cream was also Cookies 'N Cream with a Snickers bits mix in.  

The cookies were so delicious. How can you go wrong with Cookies 'N Cream?  You have a cookie in a cookie!  It's no wonder it's one of the more popular picks among their customers. The real winner for me though was the Salt Flake City. The sea salt, which is hand harvested and scraped from only the top layer of salt before it sinks to the bottom of large salt pans, augments the sophisticated chocolate flavours. It's top notch!  

Although I love Bang Bang, sometimes the sandwich can run too sweet. Here at Red Bench, I am impressed that the cookies are flavourful but are also have the right amount of sweetness. 

The ice cream was delicious but the con here is that there was a limited selection. Out of the five flavours listed, two were not available!  You also don't get as many creative flavours such as London Fog at Bang Bang. 

However, Red Bench definitely has positive characteristics that define them and this establishment rivals the best. 

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